Welcome to SisterTableTalk™ Radio

Get inspired, informed, and transformed on The SOFEI Group, Inc. SisterTableTalk™ Radio! We have some exciting topics, tips, and guests to inspire you to be and do your best! We have a powerful group of women that will be featured during our Know Your Power segment in honor of Women's History Month. So, bookmark this website, mark your calendar, and invite your friends and family to join us for Inspiration, Information, and Transformation on SisterTableTalk™ Radio!

This website is under development; however, you can preset SisterTableTalk™ Radio and listen to some of our favorite music everyday from the comfort of your home or work. Remember to use earphones if you're listnening from the workplace. Topics we will cover are:

  1. Money Making Mondays
  2. Tough Topics Tuesday
  3. Wise Wednesdays
  4. Thankful Thursdays
  5. Financial Freedom Fridays